27 augustus 2008

too cute!

These gorgeous cards are made by my sister, she makes beautiful photos and then turns them into lovely postcards.Who can resist sending a card now?

24 augustus 2008


As promised a picture of our lovely little´brocante shop´.

23 augustus 2008


Here a little update about the brocante market, last monday. Let´s just say it was a rainy day!
Although it´s always a lovely market, this time the weather washed away the fun and the customers...........we still had fun though presenting all the brocante in a nice way, it looked almost like a petite brocante shop,ha,ha,ha.(people even asked where we had our shop!).
When I get the pictures, I will show them here on my blog.
In the meantime, I´ve been busy doing other things. One of them is drawing, I like drawings that are really colourfull, sweet and fun. These are some drawings I made with paint, pen and ink. Enjoy!

12 augustus 2008

Toooo Buzyyyyy....

Today ,I just don´t know where to start.....
There are so many things to be done in and around the house,that I´ve decided first to blog a little and then get on with the rest!
I still have to arrange quite a few things for this upcoming mondag. I will be on a brocante market with my sister. Most of the stuff we sell comes from my mother,she is a big brocante fan
and doesn´t miss any market. By now the house is so full with all of her buyings ,in order for her to buy some more,we first have to sell some things......The things she has are so lovely that we sometimes decide not to sell a piece ,but instead bring it back home!
Let´s hope the weather is nice,because it´s an outside market,and that there will a lot of customers.
Another thing why I´m so busy,is that my husband and I just started a little company in olive oil...well we didn´t start yet,but we are investigating the market and sending out samples,so it´s really excited how people respond.....more on this later...
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