31 januari 2009


We just came back from our´´ petite holiday ´´ in the
smallest city of the world: Durbuy.
The thing they are really keen on there is good food!
So we could not resist calling for roomservice and ask for some sweet delights....
Look at this plate; we had chocolate bavarois and crême brulee,it was heavenly!

18 januari 2009


Hi there,
Today it´s a very rainy day here in Antwerp,Belgium.
The sky is grey and people stay in their houses,
not an inspirational day!
It´s a day for hot coco by the fireplace(which I don´t have),
or for having a high tea!!!
Here are some pictures of a lovely high tea I had at my sisters place.


get inspired and enjoy your tea on a rainy sundayafternoon....

16 januari 2009

curly hair

Hi there,
last weekend it was my little son`s first birthday,
we had a lovely day and my sister made some wonderful photos.
Here´s a very cute one,I hope the curly hair stays..........

9 januari 2009

have a sweet sweet year!

Yep,the new year has started.Let´s make it a crafty year
with lots of new projects and happy thoughts.....
For me it means I would like to get started with my bees and appletrees shop and
keep working on my illustrations.If you want to take a look,you can visit:
For the shop I have lots of plans: I want to make unique pieces of childrens clothes and nice stuff for the childrens room. I also love making bags and cushions,
from vintage fabrics or felt.
Inspiration is everywhere,if only there were more ours in a day!
For now i leave you with some delicious cakes from my bakery just around the corner,
always a reason to leave the house,mmmmmmmmm
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