30 maart 2015

crochetwrap 2

My crochetwrap is getting bigger and bigger...
I am always amazed what you can make out of a simple ball of yarn,
it's magic!
Still a long way to go,
so far so good ;-)
Hope you are working on some magical projects too!

6 opmerkingen:

Amber zei

So far so good looks already beautiful.

Have a nice day, Margaret

zenuwpees zei

Beautiful i like it

Angeline zei

Moooi ,ook de kleur!

Roberta Mendes zei

Hello, I love your crochet, it is beauty, I love this colors, I follow your blog, I have a blog about crochet with free patterns and free crochet diagrams, visit me , hugs from Brazil.
Visite meu blog - Tita Carré - Crochet

Ingrid K. zei

Hello Martine!

Thanks for sharing the pattern of this crochet shawl - I fell in love with it straight away and decided to make one myself!!!

I made it in mint green and you can find it here (lots of photos!!):


I think I might well make a second one... :)) but first I need to finish my Elise shawl (also a nice pattern, find it on ravelry)

happy crocheting and looking forward to seeing your shawl when it is finished!!!

Ingrid xx

Susanne Strütt zei

Hello ,would ask how the the Book is, with the pattern fo the Chochetwrap.
Greeting Susanne.

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