13 april 2015

sunny crochet 2

I am still working on my crochet in yellow, pink and white.
I think I will make a sunny summer scarf, but I'm not sure yet.
Around the edges I have used only white, to give it a fresh look.
I just love making granny squares, and you?

4 opmerkingen:

Monica Gullesen Hansen zei

Oh, I love the colors you have used. Really liked your blog, wich is new to me, but not for long. I will be back. Have a nice day.

zenuwpees zei

Je vierkantjes zijn super mooi groetjes Marie-Claire

Margaret zei

These nice grannys are perfect for making a summer scarf.

Have a nice day, Margaret

J9sHappiness zei

I love the bright combination! It seems to echo spring colours!!! Will look forward to seeing the finished item!

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