19 juni 2009


I found these cute rabbits on the lovely blog:
me and alice

5 juni 2009

workshop cake decoration

Some time ago my sis and me did a workshop
'cake decoration' at the shop 'de tafel van 18' in Utrecht.
We started from scratch and went home with a really goodlooking
cake. Our 'teacher' (the owner of the shop; Petra Achtien), explained all the
steps very clearly and everybody was amazed by their own talent.
For information about the workshop,just visit her website:
www.detafelvan18.nl or check out her book: 'Taart om blij van te worden".

Happy Birthday!

Last week it was my mothers 65th birthday,
which we celebrated in our home in Antwerp.
My sister and me made some cupcakes and we were
really proud of the results,ha ha ha!
Here some pictures of our colourful cakes.