30 maart 2015

crochetwrap 2

My crochetwrap is getting bigger and bigger...
I am always amazed what you can make out of a simple ball of yarn,
it's magic!
Still a long way to go,
so far so good ;-)
Hope you are working on some magical projects too!


Here's a little crochetcollage I made on instagram.
I notice that I am really loving 
the pastel colours at the moment,
maybe it 's because spring is in the air!

Are you on instagram?
For me the instagram community 
is a big source of inspiration, everyday.
If you would like to see what I am up to over there,

Here in the UK it's the start of the Easter holidays,
and after a day of heavy rains and storm, 
the sun is shining today,
Enjoy today!

29 maart 2015

do what you love xxx

I love a good quote, 
they are a reminder to me to stay true to myself 
and to do what I love most!
If you also like a good quote, 
just follow my pinterest WORDS board,
there's a lot of wisdom on that board,
you have been warned ;-)

28 maart 2015


I have started a new crochetwrap!
This time I am working from the widest part to the top.
I am using a soft cotton, suitable for a crochethook of 3 mm.
For this project I am using a 4mm crochethook, to make the scarf more loose and soft.
Have a lovely weekend everyone with hopefully some sunshine and crochet ;-)

22 maart 2015

summer crochet 2

I almost finished my summerscarf,
I hope I'll find the time today to finish it ;-)
The cotton gives the scarf a clean and soft look,
and though I use bright colours most of the times,
I love the pale blue colour for a change.
Enjoy your sunday everyone!

21 maart 2015

crochet pattern shawl

you can find the crochet pattern for this gorgeous shawl!
This one is definitely on my to do list ;-)

20 maart 2015

summer crochet

I am working on a spring/summer shawl.
For this project I am using 100% cotton yarn,
nice for spring and chilly summer evenings.
I love the soft blue colour, 
and the way the pattern is coming together!
Have a lovely weekend.

birdie crochet applique

Tweet, tweet, tweet.....
Cute birdie crochet applique!

19 maart 2015


How beautiful are these necklaces with crocheted beads!
I just love the combination with the wooden beads,
 and the soft colours.
On the site: 


I am making little crochet crowns!
I am using leftover bits of bright cotton,
and I am just making the pattern up as I go.
They will make nice kids birthday crowns,
or wear one to work,
 and feel a queen for a day ;-)

18 maart 2015


At the moment I am working on a curly shawl.
It is an easy pattern 
which gives the shawl a cute twist!
The pattern can be found in the book:

In the book you can find 30 crochet projects, 
inspired by the catwalk,
from scarves to tops to accessories etc....

17 maart 2015

crochet bag pattern

A lovely little crochetpattern, 
to make this very handy mesh shopping bag.


I have just finished my crochetshawl,
and I am so happy the way it turned out!
The pattern is called:
where you can find this pattern,
 and lots of other gorgeous patterns!
Have a lovely day.

16 maart 2015


Wow! I am in love with this gorgeous hand dyed yarn from:

Go and have a look at their website,
I do not know which one to choose, do you?