30 april 2015

perfect summer crochet

I am still working on my scarf.
The idea was to make the scarf completely yellow,
but as I was working on it , 
I decided to add some more colours;-)
Babyblue, purple and some green!
When I finish with the green I will add a border in pink or bright blue ( not sure yet...)
I am happy with the result, a perfect summer scarf!
Have a good day everyone

27 april 2015

yellow crochet

I am working on another crochet shawl,
this time in lovely yellow!
I am not sure if it will stay only yellow...;-)
What colours do you like?

25 april 2015

crochet crowns

I am working on some crochet crowns,
made out of recycled yarn.
It is a thick cotton aran yarn, 
and it is lovely to work with!
Have a good day dear readers .xxx

23 april 2015

sunny crochet 3

My sunny scarf is finished!
I just have to weave in all the ends...,
yes, let's save the best for last,haha ;-)
I am happy with the colours ,they are so fresh and sunny.
I made up the pattern myself,
but it is just a lot of granny squares joined together,
with a border around it with some edging.
It's not hard to do,
but it does take some time....
Ènjoy your day, hope you find so time to work on your crochet!

22 april 2015

crochet babybooties

Crochet babybooties are always a good idea!
Still working on this pattern,
but you don't hear me complain ;-)

21 april 2015

king for a day!

I have a lot of WIPS ( works in progress),
but I felt like crocheting something quick and fun!
I have made a cool cotton crochet crown,
suitable for little kings ;-)

13 april 2015

sunny crochet 2

I am still working on my crochet in yellow, pink and white.
I think I will make a sunny summer scarf, but I'm not sure yet.
Around the edges I have used only white, to give it a fresh look.
I just love making granny squares, and you?

12 april 2015

sunny crochet

I am working on a new sunny project.
I love the combination of the yellow, pink and white.
I don't know yet, what i will make,
but granny squares are always a good idea ;-)
Have a lovely sunday.xxx

10 april 2015

granny crochet shawl

I made a shawl in soft spring colours,
what do you think?
Have a lovely day dear readers xxx